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Topamax generic drug, when compared to placebo." That means the "placebo effect" was a whopping 40 percent more dramatic. As reported by the Washington Post, "real difference" in efficacy between the two drugs, based on research done by researchers at Duke University, was "a whopping 80 percent." On top of that, the researchers noted that "people taking the placebo reported having higher levels of satisfaction." While the FDA did not cite any adverse side effects among the patients in study, it did note that many researchers believe the placebo "is less satisfying than real medical care." As the Washington Post notes: The placebo effect, a term once used to describe the positive effects of placebos, is now a well-established concept in medical studies. is topamax sold over the counter However, it has received a somewhat more skeptical reception lately because other forms of medical treatment have also shown benefits in the study of disease. Some scientists are concerned that it could lead physicians and patients to overemphasize the placebo effect and overplay importance of a positive result. That said, it is an idea so old it was included in the original list of miracle cures in the Book of Exodus. idea that placebos work has been around for centuries, but it was first popularized in the 1960s as a way to demonstrate the efficacy of new drugs for various diseases. The term "placebo effect" was first in use by the medical author and researcher Robert Hooke in the late 17th century to describe the positive effect a "poison might have by dose of it, where the effect was not seen because no dose would give relief when given to a sensible person." He also used the concept Topamax 200mg $155.72 - $5.19 Per pill to describe positive effects seen when patients received drugs for various ailments. "Placebos" became a part of the English language with 1815 publication of Charles Fernel's "Invention the Medicine Chest." term was first coined by Samuel Hahnemann in his 1812 "New Course of Homeopathy," and it has since become synonymous with the concept of placebo — an inert substance given to patients in place of a real disease-causing intervention. In the 1970s term was used to describe medical procedures and drugs that did not demonstrate an effect or that did not demonstrate the same effect when given to sick people but were believed by some experts to have kind of effect on patients. The report cited at top of this post is just the latest evidence suggesting that, despite all the hype and excitement about miracle.

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