Valtrex prescription cost australia

Valtrex prescription cost

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Herpes medication valtrex cost -effective and safe? A study found that valtrex, in combination with acyclovir, can lower the risk of sexual acquisition and transmission herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV2), even with the most severe disease and in those who are not seropositive yet. This study, conducted in Africa, was published the November 2008 Journal of American Medical Association. It followed a cohort of 1424 participants whose sexual partner had been diagnosed with HSV2. People in the study were followed for six-months after diagnosis. (The study was not designed to examine the effect of valtrex on sexual transmission; it involved HSV2, not the herpes zoster virus (HSV2). HSV2 is a relatively mild herpes virus that usually causes a cold rash on the hands, but no genital sores.) The average age of study participants was 24. The authors looked at sexual activity, condom use, and HIV status before six months after diagnosis, as well incidence and severity of HSV2 infections. Valtrex alone did not significantly decrease the risk of sexual transmission, suggesting that it only works for those with significantly worse symptoms. The authors found an overall 12% decline in the risk of HSV2 genital herpes. Valtrex was not associated with any differences in HIV risk. However, women the study who took drug had a slightly higher risk of contracting HSV2 than those who didn't. However, this difference had little impact on the risk of transmission or length the illness, authors said. The authors conclude that valtrex might be a valuable adjunct to acyclovir or another antiviral medication in treating HSV2 adults with HIV. Are there side effects of valtrex? No serious side effects were reported for valtrex in the study mentioned above. One did not find an association between valtrex and side effects, but it was a small study, the researchers noted. How should you use valtrex? In general the study studies did not specify how people were to take valtrex, but the authors said valtrex should be taken with food, and after intercourse. Valtrex should also be taken with drugs that boost your immune system. Valtrex should not be used to treat HIV or AIDS. The studies that assessed this risk were too small to permit definitive conclusions, the authors stressed. Valtrex should be used before or during pregnancy. Women who take valtrex during pregnancy should be prepared to stop on the advice of their doctor.

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