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How do you insert clotrimazole tablet with applicator ) - Can I use it if have liver problems or diabetes? (Answer: yes for patients with impaired renal function.) - Does it cause skin rash? Clotrimazole tablets should be dispensed only by a pharmacist or veterinarian on an Intravenous IM route, after consulting with the prescribing doctor or veterinarian. If an infusion pump is used, a prescription should be carried and accompanied with the infusion, which should be used under Indomethacin 5mg $91.36 - $0.34 Per pill close supervision by a medical officer. - Can I take clotrimazole on an empty stomach? (Answer: no for patients with impaired renal function.) - Can I take clotrimazole if my doctor suggests it is too high a dose? (Answer: yes for patients with impaired renal function, unless the need is urgent, as outlined below.) 1. How do I make an informed decision about using clotrimazole, when choosing a new course of treatment? 2. How long do I have before pain and swelling? 3. Is it safe to use clotrimazole for longer than six weeks? 4. Will I need an operation or treatment by a veterinarian other health care professional? 5. Can I have a baby during treatment? 1) How do I make an informed decision? (Answer: go to Medscape or Clotrimazole tablets consist of a white tablet imprinted with the letters CYL. Clotrimazole tablets work quickly to clear up inflammation caused by: Acne vulgaris Acne rosacea Acne psoriasis Acne scarring Chronic liver disorders. Patients are advised to have frequent follow ups with skin tests and blood analysis to rule out infection, immune system disorders, metabolic and drug allergies. You can choose from seven different strengths and strength combinations with which to treat your conditions. Clotrimazole tablets may be used to treat: Acne scars. Patients are advised to have repeated visits with a physician at 1-3 month intervals. Treatment may resume after one week if the patient does not need or want treatment. If a second course of treatment is recommended, follow up visits may be needed with a physician. If the first dosage does not clear up acne, a doctor will need to treat the patient with another medication for further improvement after one month. Patients who have been taking the same treatment regularly need to continue take it until they are finished. The use of clotrimazole at once, or in excess for more than six weeks, is not recommended. Follow-up visits should be recommended at three, six, and twelve months (see "Follow ups"). Patients are advised to have regular skin and blood checks as needed once per year. Clotrimazole is not intended to treat: Fluid retention Fluid retention requiring urgent surgery Fluid retention requiring long-term hospitalization (see "Posttreatment"). Clotrimazole should not be used to treat children who have had a seizure. When treating severe and recurrent acne that cannot be treated with other means, patients requiring long-term hospitalization are advised to have their treatment continued while under observation at the hospital. Clotrimazole products manufactured by the manufacturer have a shelf life of three months from the date of manufacture. However, this will vary slightly depending upon the batch manufacture and how frequently the tablets are filled. 2) How long do I have before pain and swelling? Clotrimazole tablets stop the body's natural system for removal of dead skin, so the pain typically begins a few days after treatment starts. The usual duration of treatment ranges from 4-10 weeks in healthy individuals. Acne sufferers who have not had many previous treatments, such as the use of topical antibiotics, should see their doctor or a dermatologist soon after starting this treatment. The initial pain comes only from topical application because some of the active ingredients in clotrimazole are absorbed into the skin without passing bloodstream. There are no safety concerns since the active drug is rapidly broken down to inactive by the skin. Clotrimazole is absorbed through the skin and blood-stream only, so there is no risk of developing any infections from the active ingredient. 3) Is it safe to use clotrimazole for longer than six weeks? The short and long-term safety of this treatment has not, to date, been extensively evaluated. The longer treatment is used, skin exposed to this substance for treatment. A significant risk of serious adverse drug reactions, including deaths, may result from prolonged use on a.

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