Luncheon Menu

Monday thru Friday 11:30 – 2:30pm


Baked Breast of Chicken & Rice$11

Baked Leg of Chicken & Rice$9

Meatballs & Spaghetti$11

Fried Chicken Liver & Rice$11

Stuffed Cabbage or Grape Leaves & Rice$11

Grilled Chicken Salad$12

Vegetable Plate$11

Above served with a cup of soup


Roast Lamb Sandwich$13

Chicken Sandwich$11

Meatball Sandwich$10

All sandwiches served with a cup of soup, rice, or French fries

Lettuce & Tomatoes are $1.25 Extra


Pork on a Stick$13

Sirloin Strip Steak$14

Beef on a Stick$13

Broiled Beef Burger$12

Single Lamb chop or Pork chop$13

Broiled Scrod$13

Broiled Swordfish$14

Broiled Salmon$14

Swordfish Kabobs$14
with Onions, Peppers, & Tomato

Chicken on a Stick$13

Above orders served with garden salad or soup, French fries or rice

Side order of Meatballs$12
with a Garden Salad and Coffee

All orders come with one regular coffee or tea (Decaf $.50 extra)